Welcome to Mighty Boerboele

Have a look at our wonderful range of Boerboele, excellent dogs from superb bloodlines.

The Boerboel is a uniquely South Africa breed, developed over many centuries and now capable of adapting anywhere in the world. At Mighty Boerboele we breed top quality dogs through a selective breeding programme, all our dogs are bred to the ORIGINAL BREED STANDARD and are healthy, alert and impressive examples of the mighty, magnificent Boerboel breed. We only breed with top quality dogs and have a range of excellent bloodlines from all over South Africa, making our dogs affectionate companions and powerful guards at the same time.

Mighty Boerboele are happy to welcome you to their site and as many of our satisfied clients will assure you: once a Boerboel, always a Boerboel!

Mighty Boerboele Mighty Boerboele
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